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Carrie On…

Thanks to the success of the Sex and the City franchise they have decided that it would be time to ruin the series by doing a prequel based on the Candace Bushnell book The Carrie Diaries. The book was thoughtful, funny with Bushnell’s usual time tested story telling making it fun to read and another best seller. Now we have the big wigs behind the train wreck mess that is Gossip Girl to get the project moving and as always the first stop on the that train was getting a Carrie Bradshaw BC, before the city, well they have found her. There were talks that Blake Lively would try to fill those Manolos although being WAY too old and tall then Elizabeth Olsen who may have been a good fit and even Emma Roberts who in my not so humble opinion is my perfect choice. It seems the creators behind the series found something in AnnaSophia Robb and decided she is the one to put on the candies in Connecticut and show us Carrie before Mr. Big, before New York and before Manolo Blahnik. Definitely love this choice considering she is a very good actress the right age and with starring roles in Soul Surfer and Bridge to Terabithia she knows how to lead a project. Wise casting choice now let’s see who they get to fill out the rest of her CT clique. Now I’m excited for this project which means, it’s doomed. Remember in this crazy business we call show there is nothing set in stone, but let’s hope this casting sticks like fat on Kirstie Alley’s thighs.


Just when you thought it was safe to go to the ballet again. Be afraid, Candace bushnell the famous author behind Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle will be pirouetting down the divorce aisle soon. The ultimate single girl will be divorced in Manolos come spring. I am assuming it will be spring I am sure she wants to perform a version of the Nutcracker herself but has refrained until finding out her soon to be ex, Charles Askegard, was leaping and jumping on ballerina Georgina Pazcoguin. Contrary to belief Georgina is not a dude, let’s face it what guy joins ballet to wear tights and shower with other dudes? Then again that would be a lot of American sports under scrutiny, hello football. Apparently things were moving along nicely even with the false promises of lunch and air kisses filling the air with just the slightest scent of bullshizz, until Bushnell heard of the affair between Askegard and Pazcoguin then she stopped playing nice and named Georgina the co-respondent in her divorce. No comments from the two private dancers but something tells me that Candace might have a new book in mind regarding the New York ballet and a ballerina who cheats and it all ends with the theatre burning down to find the charred remains of the lovers. Sounds like a best seller.


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