Kim Kardashian Covers Vogue Brazil

Kim Kardashian

Famed photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth, does her best to capture Kim Kardashain “channeling” Marilyn Monroe for the June 2015 issue of Vogue Brazil. Oh how she tried. Two snaps for trying girl.

Anywho so Vogue Brazil, like every magazine in the world, is trying to stay relevant, cool and out of bankruptcy court so they they thought a parody of Marilyn Monroe would do the trick. So to further push their agenda they got a professional trick to smolder with dead eyes at the camera. The campaign is a smart PR move to get eyeballs to the magazine, however tarnishing their overall brand. Oh well. Anything for a buck eh Vogue?

Does Kim K channel the iconic bombshell? She does, in the way someone playing dress up in their mothers clothes and a borrowed tired wig from a drag queen  does. Bippity Boppity, syphilis there you have it. I would think in order to channel Marilyn Monroe there is more than just playing dress up, it’s an attitude, style and class. Something THIS Kardashian doesn’t know how to keep up with. Once again, oh well.

(IMAGE/ Politika Plus/Vogue Brazil)

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