Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Friendly in Saint Tropez

Here in ‘Murica man on man action is strictly for the homosexuals, and Catholic priest and Republicans in park bathrooms, and no one else. If you just happen to backslide into a gay actions such as compassion, style or respect for women you must shout as loud as possible “no homo.” This is so people know you aren’t a disco loving, spandex sucking, Pilates taking fruit. Or you could just stop being an asshole.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo looking like a yummy piece of beef jerky on a yacht in Saint Tropez, France have been flying all over the blogosphere, and we have loved every oiled up moment.

What has now surfaced is what appears to be Cristiano and a male friend getting super friendly in quite the embrace. I can’t even type that with a straight face, and speaking of straight many are starting to wonder if he has left the straighties home team and is batting strictly homo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but the answer to him being gay is an obvious no. Sure the short shorts, surrounded by dudes and impeccable style and grooming habits would tip the gaydar into the red normally, but nope. It’s called being superficial and vain, doy. Let’s start with the hug, no hip action. If you are a homo there will be hip touching, neck kissing and some fondling, especially after a landslide of vodka tonics. It’s the rules! Not to mention Cristiano isn’t from “Murica. That means in some parts of the world it is fine to embrace other men without sexual motivation because it’s just what you do to say hello or good-bye. Some cry foul others could care less, I just find it amusing.

I am sure lots of guys want him to be swinging a bat for the homos so they can get a feel for what he is swinging, but given the fact he is surrounded by GORGEOUS men what makes you think it would be you? Until I have photographic evidence of him on all fours, a ball gag firmly in place and three big bold bubbas behind him I have no opinion. Instead I am going to do what we all do, dim the lights, pour some wine and write my own homo erotic fan fiction with him as the star in scenarios that would make fans of 50 Shades of Grey blush. No one said all violence is bad.

You Know You Love It.


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