With a strange sense of humor and the ability to make light of any situation I was looking for a way to get my voice heard even if it was only by one other person. Starting off with just looking at the demise of our own entertainment and value system I started commenting on anything from pop culture to new gadgets. Luckily life is nothing but a show and I am here to document everything, the ups, the downs and everything in between. I have a take on everything and an opinion about it as well but never take it too seriously. In the end it’s nice to say what you think and get it off your chest and it doesn’t matter if one person sees it or the whole world does, the important thing is that you said something, stood up for something and made a voice with your own rules. Let’s face it who doesn’t like doing things their own way? I am always willing to look at all angles and happily accept challenges, opinions along with suggestions. I wear my opinion on my sleeve, it just happens to be my greatest accessory.

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  5. Of course I love reading your gossip stories, that’s why I nominated you for the Leibster Award! You can go to my page and check out the rules. Keep Blogging!

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