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Anna Kendrick: Pitch Perfect 3 Happening?

Happening #3

A post shared by Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) on

Are you ready to get pitch slapped for the third time? Are you ready for Anna Kendrick to do it to you?

We all know that Pitch Perfect 3 is going to happen, problem was that we didn’t know if any of our favorite Bellas would be returning. Then our forever bestie, in my mind at least, posted to Instagram with:

Complete with the caption “Happening #3.” Now we all know that Kendrick loves to play practical jokes and with a searing dry wit and humor she gets us giggling, but is she really returning for number three? Stay tuned…..

Suspense amplified ? Crushed it!

Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Friendly in Saint Tropez

Here in ‘Murica man on man action is strictly for the homosexuals, and Catholic priest and Republicans in park bathrooms, and no one else. If you just happen to backslide into a gay actions such as compassion, style or respect for women you must shout as loud as possible “no homo.” This is so people know you aren’t a disco loving, spandex sucking, Pilates taking fruit. Or you could just stop being an asshole. Read the rest of this entry